Some Advice About How to Choose a Plasma Table

In metal fabrication, one of the most important tools is the machine that cuts the metal plate. There are both manual and automated machines that cut metal, and one of the preferred automated machines is a computer numerical controlled (CNC) plasma cutting table. It cuts with a very hot torch made of ionized gas, or plasma. The torch has a small radius and works well for cutting curved shapes. There are many plasma cutting tables on the market, so it is important to know How to Choose a Plasma Table.

First of all, choose a table that can hand the metal you primarily work with, both in the length and width of the metal plate and the thickness of it. Choose a cutter that will accommodate the maximum size plate you will need to use. In addition, choose a cutter with the capacity to cut the thickness you work with most of the time. You will be able to cut a thicker metal if you only do it occasionally.


Next, decide how much efficiency you need. You can get a table with a single work area, meaning that you can load and cut one plate at a time. Between cuts, you will have to remove the last job and its scraps. If you are a small business with a low-intensity production line, that might be no problem. But if you need to your work pace to move faster, you may need to consider a table with multiple working areas or an additional table.

Also consider the quality of machine you need. A higher quality cut will be cleaner and more precise, requiring less secondary cutting and finishing. In addition, less metal will be wasted. In general, a higher quality cutter will have a higher price tag, but it may save money in the long run in yielding faster work, less wasted material, and better sales.

Another thing to consider is the type of software you will need to use to program jobs. Consider whether the software that comes with the table will be easy to learn and practical to use for drawing or importing and editing designs.

If you are interested in a CNC plasma table, you may want to learn more About Tactical CNC Plasma.


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